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Breakthrough in product services: How to lead and create stand out in a highly regulated utilities industry through a new customer service programme? 

Affordability is a critical and complex issue in the water utility sector;

  • Water supply is privately owned, publicly regulated and a basic necessity for everyone
  • Water and waste treatment are universal services, but those on low incomes need a tailored service for their individual situations
  • The cost base is relatively fixed, so reducing prices for some can shift the burden to others in the same region
  • There are lots of interested parties including homeowners and renters, business customers, the industry regular and government, debt advisors, employees and shareholders
  • Policy changes over time can also result in different service solutions which can be confusing and bound up in legal terms and conditions

How do you provide a service that recognises individual needs and is considered fair for all customers? How do you deliver a programme that is accessible for those that need it and supported by all who consider themselves stakeholders?

Wessex Water needed to set a new benchmark in affordability services. We designed a new programme, unique to Wessex Water, under a single brand: TAP (Tailored Assistance Services). TAP sets a new standard in the industry through:

  • Evidenced-based engagement with representatives of the full range of stakeholder groups through in-depth consultation
  • A single brand to access all of Wessex Water’s affordability services
  • Connecting together a comprehensive range of diverse services including water and energy management advice, water saving devices, debt agency partnerships and tailored billing
  • A track record of helping over 21,000 customers with their water bills