Breakthrough in category vision: How to establish leadership within the cookware market? 

Global homeware business DKB needed a breakthrough category vision to establish leadership within the cookware market. Not only that, they needed to equip their global sales teams to deliver it.

Our response? To complete retail audits, market trend analysis and conduct in-depth customer interviews. We didn’t stop there. We brought this together with insights gleaned from category EPOS sales data (shared directly with us from a leading retailer), along with expertise from retail buyers, product designers, brand managers and global sales teams. This led us to a compelling linchpin idea at the heart of the category; capturing both the essence of shopper and cooks’ needs and pinpointing the commercial opportunity.

It culminated in the launch of a toolkit for the sales teams at their global sales conference. A toolkit designed to equip them with the category vision, merchandising plan and brand book, and allowing them to take on board regional nuances.

Within a month, significant new product listings were secured in the US, Asia and Europe, with category captaincy awarded.