Breakthrough in customer strategy: How to realise the full potential from an increasingly diverse customer base?

The acquisitions of Marvel and Star Wars franchises, alongside some of the most popular and successful Disney movies over the last decade have deepened and broadened an already massive customer base. Which brings great opportunities for new business, accompanied by greater complexity.

How do you accurately engage such a diverse set of customers across different countries and regional cultures? How do you manage so many nuances and differences without defaulting to stereotypes or reducing the full opportunity? How do you focus products on specific customer needs, while remaining relevant to those same customers as they grow up and develop different needs?

The key is in how you think about your customers.

We built a unique, research-led customer framework for Disney that:

  • Underlines Disney’s leadership with families, being built on a deep understanding of leading research into how children, adults and families develop
  • Equips teams across the business to create communications, partnerships, products and content that reflect precise customer needs
  • Adapts across markets and cultures, providing a single management tool that works at a local and regional level
  • Shaped organisational structure, connecting internal teams around the new customer framework

We have, until fairly recently, defined children through age, but that’s less and less relevant these days, it’s now more about stage.
— Anna Hill, Chief Marketing Officer, The Walt Disney Company